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Joanna Lwanga


Joanna Lwanga

My name is Joanna (Jo to some) and I am honored to be joining GBI as a trustee! I first heard of Growbaby when I walked into Growbaby Kingston, absolutely terrified at 17, expecting my son. I have first-hand experience being a beneficiary of a Growbaby not just with regards to receiving free equipment and clothing but also receiving social, emotional, and mental support at a time when I needed it most.

I understand the safety that comes from interactions such as those that I had with my Growbaby community and I try to pass that same feeling on to others in my everyday life. I volunteered at Growbaby Kingston whilst my son was still young and had the chance to motivate and be motivated by other parents and carers whilst also trying to give back.

I attended Kingston Vineyard where I really found my love for Christ and the church again. It is here that I gave my life to Christ surrounded by friends and my son, James.

I currently live in Chessington and work as a business analyst for a tech company. I am really excited to be joining the GBI team and hope that my personal experience using Growbaby alongside my passion to support others will bring value to the team.

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