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Meet the needs of parents and children in your local community

Chances are that there are parents in your local area that are struggling to provide for their children and families.

By taking a small step of faith and setting up a Growbaby, you can make a life-changing impact where you live.

Setting up a Growbaby is really simple

Before you read any further, we want to say to you that starting a Growbaby is really simple. Here's what we always say to people: just say yes, get two plastic boxes to put some clothes in, and get going!

We will give more detail than this, share lessons from our experience, and provide resources and guides. But before we do, we want you to know that it's not complicated, and you don't need any special skills or training to start being Jesus' hands and feet in your community.

The video below gives some more information about Growbaby:

Thinking of starting a Growbaby?

Even though this is simple, we know that it can be helpful to have a bit more of a process to work through. Every Growbaby's journey will be different so the steps below aren't definitive, but they may be a useful place to start.


  • Find out the needs of the people in your local area

  • Research what's already being provided by others

  • Speak to your MP, local council, and other key people


  • Plan how you can meet the needs of your local area

  • Think about ways you can get the word out

  • Sort out practical issues - storage, budget, transport


  • Get active on social media to share what you're doing

  • Write to local newspapers and community groups

  • Get help from your church to spread the word

Pile up

  • Collect donations from your church community

  • Write to businesses and ask about extra stock

  • Create an Amazon wishlist of common items you'll need


  • Look for people in your local area who need baby supplies

  • Ask your church to connect you with people in need

  • Invite people to visit in person and chat with them

But the most important thing to do when starting a Growbaby, which none of these steps will be of any use without, is to Pray.

How to get started
Before you get started

Advice before you get started

Check out existing Growbabys

Use the map to view all the Growbaby locations and find the one closest to you.

You can also search in the Growbaby Directory, which you can filter by county to find a group where you live or in a neighbouring county.

This is a great first step if you're looking to set up a Growbaby in your local area.

Growbaby Network

Resources, guides, and templates


Get in touch with us to get started

If you want to start a Growbaby, please get in touch. We do have trademarks on "Growbaby" and similar names, so please make contact before using them.

We run a closed Facebook group for people who run Growbabys, send regular email updates, and host the annual Being Jesus' Hands & Feet conference.

Facebook group

Closed group for those running a Growbaby

Email list

Monthly update from Growbaby International

Contact details

+44 7900212567

Annual conference

Being Jesus' Hands & Feet Conference

Community of support
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