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Help us change the lives of children and parents in the UK and beyond

When someone is struggling to provide for their young child, whatever the reason, a little help makes a big difference.

Your support will help make sure children and their parents have the clothes and equipment they need.

How you can support our work

You can give to your local Growbaby, or Growbaby International can administer your donations and send them where they're needed most.

Give financially

Growbabys are charities, and most local groups are run with small budgets.

Financial donations can be made to local groups directly, or we can help to distribute it as needed.

Give supplies

We can't provide supplies if we don't have them, so your gift will be valuable.

Local Growbabys have specific needs, or we can take larger donations and share across the network.


If you have Growbaby in your local area, reach out to them to get stuck in.

If there isn't a group near you but your heart is drawn to our vision, start your own Growbaby.

Pray for us

Although we help people regardless of background or faith, we do have faith.

If you're a Christian or you have faith, please pray for us as Growbaby keeps growing.

How to support


If you would be interested in partnering with us on a larger scale, becoming one of our sponsors or working with us on a particular project please do get in touch.

We are interested in partners who would like to support the work of GBI or who would like to use GBI to share items across the Growbaby network as our partners “Finest for Baby” have done.

Give financially to Growbaby

Give to a local Growbaby

Contact local Growbabys to find out how that specific group receives donations.

Local groups may receive donations by bank transfer, PayPal, or a church giving scheme.

Get in touch with the specific group you'd like to give to if you have any questions.

Give to Growbaby International

We receive funds via bank transfer or PayPal. Contact us if neither of these works for you.

Donations to Growbaby International will be prioritised to help new local Growbaby groups get started in the UK and beyond.

You can give to your local Growbaby, or Growbaby International can administer your donations and send them where they're needed most.

Give money

Donate supplies to Growbaby

Donate to a local Growbaby

The Growbaby Directory has contact details for local groups so you can get in touch. We recommend giving locally where possible.

Many local Growbabys also have an Amazon wishlist so you can order items for them.

Donate to Growbaby International

For large-scale donations of toiletries, clothes, or other equipment, please get in touch with Growbaby International to arrange details.

We will distribute supplies across the entire network based on the needs of local groups.

Give supplies

Volunteer with Growbaby

Volunteer with a local Growbaby

The Growbaby Directory has contact details for local groups, so you can get in touch about opportunities to volunteer with them.

You may be asked to collect or sort donations, deliver care packages, or chat with families at drop-ins and open days.

All Growbabys will have safeguarding policies in place and so you will be asked to complete an enhanced DBS check.

Help grow the Growbaby network

Growbaby International needs people with skills in social media, IT and administration. Please contact us if you would like to help.

Otherwise, you can start a new Growbaby where you live. This website has guides and resources to help you get started. 

Please make sure to get in touch with us before using the "Growbaby", "Growfamilies" or "Growkids" names in your initiative as we've trademarked these terms.


Stories from the Growbaby network

Join our community of support

We run a closed Facebook group for people who run Growbabys, send regular email updates, and host the annual Being Jesus' Hands & Feet conference.

You can also follow our public-facing social media pages to stay up to date with all our news. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Facebook group

Closed group for those running a Growbaby

Email list

Monthly update from Growbaby International

Contact details

+44 7900212567

Annual conference

Being Jesus' Hands & Feet Conference

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