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Changing lives, from Kingston upon Thames to Kuala Lumpur

Growbaby started in 2003, with a heart for children and parents living in Kingston or Richmond, in London.

Since then, over 40 Growbaby groups have sprung up all over the UK - and in 2021, another opened in Malaysia.

Growbaby's journey through the years

First Growbaby starts in Kingston upon Thames

Second Growbaby founded in Hoxton, Hackney

First "Being Jesus' Hands And Feet" conference runs

Milestone hit of 40 Growbabys across the UK

Local Growbaby launches in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Growbaby International website launches

Sept 2003

Aug 2014

Nov 2015

Sept 2020

Sep 2021

Feb 2022

Kingston Growbaby wins the committment to the community award in Kingston 2016_edited.jpg

Sept 2003 - First Growbaby starts

Peter and Noni started the first Growbaby with one simple aim: to support local families in need, regardless of their income, faith or background.

Since it started, Growbaby Kingston has had over 25,000 contacts with local families, taking in donations worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Growbaby's story

The reason behind Growbaby

Growbaby was started in 2003 at the same time as Kingston Vineyard church started and as a direct result of Peter and Noni’s belief that faith should always include actions.

Peter and Noni have both grown up within Christian faith environments, Peter as a Catholic and Noni as a member of the Church of England.

As teenagers, they both walked away from their faith and it wasn’t until they got married and experienced the loss of their first baby that they re-looked towards God.

They have both worked extensively alongside many different expressions of Christianity and their role in Growbaby has led them to engage with many from different faiths or no faith.

If you are interested in learning more about the Christian faith, we recommend that you think about undertaking an Alpha course near you.

Reason for Growbaby

Growbaby International's leadership

Click or tap on any of our faces to read more about what we bring to Growbaby.

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Peter Farrelly


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Noni Farrelly




If you would be interested in partnering with us on a larger scale, becoming one of our sponsors or working with us on a particular project please do get in touch.

We are interested in partners who would like to support the work of GBI or who would like to use GBI to share items across the Growbaby network as our partners “Finest for Baby” have done.

Policies and key documents


Connect with Growbaby International

Each local Growbaby has their own social media and contact, so we'd encourage you to find your nearest one and get involved there.

If you want to stay up to date with new Growbaby launches and news and stories from across the network, here are some ways you can get connected.

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