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Safeguarding Policy


Details of the place of organisation

Organisation: Growbaby International

Email address:

Charity Number: 1185228

Regulators details: Charity Commission

Safeguarding lead: Fiona (Noni) Farrelly (details as above)

Overview of organisation

The following is a brief description of our organisation and the type of work / activities we undertake with children / vulnerable adults:

Growbaby International exists to provide expertise, resource and support for new and existing local Growbabys.

Local Growbabys provide new and used good quality clothing and equipment for babies and children, free of charge, regardless of income, faith or background as well as specific support based on local needs.

There are over 40 Growbaby groups around the world which serve their local areas.

Whilst Growbaby remains rooted in the local communities wherever it has been launched the umbrella organisation, trademark and title of Growbaby remain under the Trustees of its founders, Peter and Fiona (Noni) Farrelly. Their aim is to develop the organisation further throughout the UK and overseas and to develop a supporting role for current and new Growbaby’s. Each local Growbaby is responsible for its own safeguarding policy and procedures.

Our commitment

This policy has been devised because we place a high value on caring for children and young people as well as those who work with them. There are currently a range of laws in existence which we aim to be compliant with, and aware of. The policy will be based on best practice taken from a number of different sources, but shaped to fit our philosophy.

It is our intention that all the children and young people we come into contact with should be cared for in the safest possible way. This document lays out the scope and management of the policy for care of all the children who come within our jurisdiction. It is also intended to set out best practice for those who are working with children in any area, and to give guidelines in various different situations.

This policy sets out to enable the leaders, the trustees, the children’s volunteers and parents to recognise their collective and individual responsibility to keep children safe from abuse and other dangers. We are also committed to giving appropriate care and support to the victims of abuse and to those who are the abusers.

For the purposes of this document all references to children include children up to and including the age of 18.

The Trustees undertake to:

  • endorse and follow all national and local safeguarding legislation and procedures.

  • annually review the guidelines.

  • ensure that any premises meet the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 and all other relevant legislation, and that it is welcoming and inclusive.

  • support the Safeguarding Coordinator(s) in their work and in any action, they may need to take in order to protect children and vulnerable adults.

  • file a copy of the policy and practice guidelines with 31:8 and any amendments subsequently published.

  • Provide on-going safeguarding training and development opportunities for all workers, developing a culture of awareness of safeguarding issues to help protect everyone. All our workers will receive induction training and undertake recognised safeguarding training on a regular basis through 31:8.

  • ensure that children and vulnerable adults are provided with information on where to get help and advice in relation to abuse, discrimination, bullying or any other matter where they have a concern.

Please download the following PDF to read our full safeguarding policy:

Safeguarding Growbaby International
Download PDF • 455KB


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