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Should we set up as a separate charity?

We decided at the start not to set Growbaby up as a separate charity because we believed the Lord had said that Growbaby is to be rooted in the local church but we have just decided to register Growbaby International as a charity in its own right but that is for a very specific purpose, we want to become a grant making organisation and also to providing training and coaching as well as step into more of an advocacy role.

I think there is a lot of merit in either option but here are our thoughts (obviously the up side for one is often the down side for the other):

1. Setting up as a separate charity:

  • more independence to fund raise (not seen as a church so easier to get funds)

  • more independence with a different set of trustees so may be able to do things that church trustees may not sanction as don't fit under the vision and values of the church but would of the new charity

  • Able to rent property in your own right (may be helpful for church funds)

  • able to do other things (like we plan to do)

  • Will cost more to manage accounts and take more time

  • two sets of annual accounts to prepare and submit to charity commission (the church and the charity)

  • two sets of policies/documents/constitution/safeguarding etc to manage (church and charity)

  • risk it might lose the Jesus centred approach that you can have with church

  • hard work to set up initially but may be worth it depending on why you want to do it

  • you need to decide if you want to become a CIO or a CIC (that requires registering with companies’ house)

  • Need to trademark and then police the name, we own the name Growbaby but you would be able to call it Growbaby followed by the name of your area, for example Growbaby Kingston.

2. Staying under the church umbrella:

  • keeps it firmly rooted in church

  • keeps surety that the church community will stay involved

  • less administration and paperwork

  • can usually be run by the same trustees and structure as the church

Most Growbabys are keeping the projects under the church but some outside Vineyard are separating. I think the main reason to separate is fund raising as it is so much easier outside the church. There are lots of philosophical questions about the direction you want to take. Certainly, setting up outside takes a lot of time and energy....... we can help if you need any support on that, having walked through it ourselves.


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