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Growbaby International provides expertise, resource and support for local Growbabys

Local Growbabys provide quality clothing and equipment for babies and children - and other support based on local needs - for free, regardless of income, faith or background.

There are over 40 Growbaby groups around the world which serve their local areas - and counting.

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Can't see what you're after? Check the menu in the footer at the bottom of this page, or reach out to us.

Find your nearest Growbaby

Use the map to view all the Growbaby locations and find the one closest to you.

You can also search in the Growbaby Directory, which you can filter by county to find a group where you live or in a neighbouring county.

If there isn't a Growbaby near you, feel free reach out to us at Growbaby International.

Highlighting the work of the Princess Project

The Princess Project is a Christian charity with a vision to transform the lives of disadvantaged mums through unconditional love, support and encouragement. 

The Princess Project helps mums and their families to thrive by providing a holistic package of physical, emotional, social and spiritual support, including Totcycle- their equivalent of Growbaby.

They are based in Kent, but are starting to replicate various projects and services across the UK.

Stories from the Growbaby network

Connect with Growbaby International

Each local Growbaby has their own social media and contact, so we'd encourage you to find your nearest one and get involved there.

If you want to stay up to date with new Growbaby launches and news and stories from across the network, here are some ways you can get connected.

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