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Just like all of you, Growbaby Kingston has been through some big changes over the last 2 years. The one we have found hardest has been limiting the number of families we can have in The Hub at one time. We have always loved making a cup of tea for the person who is collecting their buggy or choosing clothes etc and then sitting to get to know them. Hearing their stories gives us the opportunity to offer prayer and tell them about the hope that we have. In this post Covid world, we are having to limit numbers and we are busier than ever so we need to keep families moving through which means we have less time to sit and listen to their story and pray with them. This last week has been a reminder of how valuable time with someone is.

We had a mum come in who had just moved out of a local domestic violence shelter. Whilst she was downstairs choosing her items, she was talking about how she was rebuilding her life and how grateful she was to Growbaby for all the support they had given her over her time in the shelter. It was the end of the day and a rare quiet moment so she could stay for a cup of tea whilst her boy played. The next mum who came in looked pale and jumpy and very anxious.

Whilst she was downstairs she began to tell her story. She was at the same shelter, and has just arrived a few days before. She had fled leaving behind all she owned. We reassured her that she would have all she needed for her baby which made her weep. Back upstairs, we offered her a cup of tea and I began to pray silently that the 2 women would connect.

It was incredible to watch how God began to work in this moment. Soon they were sharing their stories with each other, the first mum encouraging the second, giving her hope for a better future. We almost had to do nothing but make tea, create the space and watch a friendship begin to form that will bring healing to them both. They both left with huge smiles on their faces.

We are praying that soon we will be able to let families back in to hang out with us for as long as they like. We want to be a place that community is formed and where we can pray for families each time they come to see us. We love serving Jesus like this!


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