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Growbaby Birmingham

Some quotes from those who have been involved with Growbaby Birmingham:

"I really want to thank you and your team for arranging so many things in such a short time for us. I cannot explain to you how helpful they are and the biggest thing is that my son has such a big smile on his face after such a long time. Thank-you very much once again."

"I started to join Growbaby Stay & Play Birmingham in early 2017, that was 6 months after I moved to Birmingham UK and was introduced by a friend, Li. I really feel grateful and appreciate bringing me to this wonderful Growbaby stay and play group. How lucky I am! In this group, I met lots of wonderful and kind people as well as new friendships built up. I no longer feel lonely in this country but feel lots of warmth. Thanks to Growbaby that saved me for quite some baby equipment, clothing, books and toys during my hard time. I really appreciate it very much. Friday morning is always my favourite time, no matter how bad the weather is, I still will try my best to attend the Growbaby Stay & Play because me and my daughter really enjoyed the time at Growbaby Stay & Play and do not want to miss any of it. I highly recommend Growbaby Stay & Play to other friends too."

"Early this year, I am very happy to be able to join the Growbaby volunteer team, although it is just a very short time due to Covid-19 and I have been relocated to Basingstoke recently, it is sad to leave and said goodbye but I do feel very grateful because it is a great and valuable experience. I will always miss the time at Growbaby Birmingham and people that I met. Hopefully in the future, I could join the Growbaby volunteer team again. In the Covid-19, a very difficult time for everyone, Growbaby Birmingham still able to help lots of families in need out there, it is a really grateful and excited thing. I feel very proud that I have been given the chance to help out with the sorting and tidying of the Growbaby room, and helped in packing the requests from families in need. Thank you Growbaby Birmingham team for all the efforts, well done! Good luck and all the best!"


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