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Growbaby Hoxton

Hoxton Growbaby has been going since 2013 and is much loved by the local community and health services. During the pandemic we have had to reduce our offer to new born packs only, which was hard, but necessary. We obtained some funding to provide equipment to families in need and so were able to buy new clothing and equipment when we were unable and unwilling to take donations. 

One of the hotels near us has been used to house refugees, in the absence of the usual hotel trade. Some of the refugees have had their babies in the hotel and our hearts went out to them, becoming parents in such awful circumstances. However, through midwives and other community workers we were able to buy new prams, clothes and moses baskets for these families and the feedback has been wonderful. We know that our gifts made such a difference to those families who were struggling to cope with their new baby in a hotel which was never intended to be 'home' to anyone.


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