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Growbaby Kirkcaldy

We have a Romanian family with five children including a new baby girl. They have been in Scotland for over a year and live in a one bedroomed flat but are hoping to move soon to a two bedroomed flat nearby. They contact us regularly to clothe her younger children.

We are also hoping as a church to help them with furniture etc for their new flat as they have reached out for that kind of help too. They have very little in life and only the teenage son speaks English so communication can be tricky.

The picture I have is of Florentina just before she gave birth to the baby, receiving one of the Finest for Baby outfits. She was so excited about the outfit that the baby wore it home from hospital. And I also saw her in it a few weeks later when I visited them.

A beautiful family in great need, always so appreciative of any help we give them.


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