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Mission and vision

The development of Growbaby International is a natural one, founded on the increasing role that local Growbabys are taking in advocacy for children and the empowerment of parents, care givers and professionals. The aim would ultimately be to become a grant-making centre, through the funding of local projects. The UN charter for children’s rights has 4 clear points: non-discrimination; devotion to the best interests of the child; the right to survival and development; and respect for the views of the child. Growbaby International aims to step into each of these four key spaces and provide a platform for change.

The aim of Growbaby International is:

- The prevention and relief of child poverty

- The relief of young people who are in need as a result of financial hardship, youth, ill-health, disability, or other social and economic, or just social, disadvantage.

- To:

  1. Support local Growbaby groups

  2. Provide training to parents

  3. Provide or assist in the provision of education and training (e.g. the Being Jesus hands and feet conference)

  4. Provide advocacy for children

  5. Develop support strategies and training for care givers and professionals working with children

  6. Provide grants, items and services to other Growbaby groups and carers or professionals working with children and families.

Writing your own mission & vision

We would encourage each local Growbaby group to take time as a team to reflect on the mission and vision God is placing on your heart for your specific community.

We've found that He has a way of revealing to us the needs of our local area, and writing these down as mission and vision statements can be a helpful way of bringing us back to what He has told us.


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