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Social media

Growbaby International's channels

Please follow our channels which will give all Growbabys increased visibility & validity when the public and your congregations see them.

  • Instagram - growbabyinternational

  • Twitter - @growbabyintern1

  • Facebook - Growbaby International

Please do share content from our social media channels to your own channels - especially content tagged #Growbaby #Growbabyinternational #beingjesushandsandfeet

What might you post on your channels?

  • Upload photos and videos

  • Share any positive media coverage from your channels When posting on Instagram or Twitter tag the Growbaby accounts Add hashtags to post copy: #Growbaby #Growbabyinternational #beingjesushandsandfeet

  • Add a link to the main website

  • Reach out to your influential followers and ask them to partner with us by sharing content Engage with posts from other users related to Growbaby by commenting, sharing and liking


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