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Using the Growbaby logo


Over the years that Growbaby has been going (since 2003) we have spoken with a number of different friends from within the Vineyard, as well as other people in the wider church family (and quite a few who are not faith based). Often the conversations have been around starting up a Growbaby or something similar. It has been our privilege and joy to watch other Growbaby type projects flourish, some of them are brand new and some of them have been going for a while. All of them have Jesus at the Centre.

We are so thrilled that there are a number of Growbabys and Growbaby connections up and running and, as this vital area of ministry to those in need develops and expands, we wanted to find a way to resource & support your local Growbaby to help foster community, connection & consistency for each Growbaby so that together we can see God’s kingdom extended.

To help with this these guidelines have been designed to help & support local expressions of Growbaby who wish to use the new Growbaby logo.

Whilst we are not wishing to enforce the use of this logo in any way, our hope would be that as an expression of Growbaby, each one of us will choose to adopt these principles so that we can better support the growing Growbaby network and so that we are easily identifiable to those looking to us for support.

It is our hope & prayer, as we all begin to adopt these guidelines in a consistent & creative way, that we help to raise awareness of Growbaby among other communities, churches, and potential guests, giving more people the chance to engage with Growbaby in any way they see fit.


Using the Growbaby logo means you are identifying yourself as part of the Growbaby family. This is a family not a franchise and we do not “police” or “control” how each local Growbaby functions in its community but we hope that for those who choose to use the name Growbaby they will be aware that they are not only representing their faith but every other Growbaby.

Growbaby has been running since 2003, in those years many people have come towards Growbaby for help; families, professionals and agencies. The reputation of Growbaby is incredibly important. As a Christian faith organisation at our core, it is imperative that everything we do represents our key values. Reputation is hard won and easily lost.

As professionals and families move around the UK and overseas and make use of Growbaby they have the right to expect a level of unconditional positive support based on the original and founding premise that Growbaby is free for everyone regardless of income, faith or background. Growbaby will always be based within a Christian context, normally a church, but it is non-denominational and will serve those of any and no faith.

The Growbaby story

In 2003, Peter and Noni Farrelly started the first Growbaby in the United Kingdom, with one simple aim: to support local families in need, regardless of income, faith or background. This centred on the perception of need from the community, rather than a personal one, and its starting point was the provision of free baby clothing and equipment.

As demand for children’s clothing and equipment, and the reputation of Growbaby Kingston grew, so did the need for other services. It became apparent that many young families, in particular, were looking for guidance in everything from how to look after their child, to budgeting and language acquisition. Equally professionals were looking to Growbaby Kingston for assistance in a growing number of areas. Growbaby Kingston now provides a wide range of support to both families and professionals.

In 2014, Growbaby was approached by a team from Ivy Street in Hoxton, asking if they could set up their own version of Growbaby. Their ethos and vision mirrored the charity’s, and in line with the initial vision of Growbaby, the starting point was the provision of clothing and equipment to those in need, regardless of income, faith or background. Their community’s needs varied from those in Kingston, but their outreach projects centred on the same key vision.

Peter and Noni Farrelly decided to trademark the name and by 2021, they had helped to launch more than 30 Growbabys in the UK, and 5 further partners using the same idea but different names. In 2021 the first overseas Growbaby was started in Malaysia. Growbaby Connections was established as a means of encouraging new projects, training existing projects and supporting those working and volunteering. Each Growbaby is unique to its location and serving the local community’s needs, but shares the same vision.

In 2019 Growbaby International was granted charitable status (CIO 1185228). The name was decided upon after it was felt by the trustees of the emerging charity that it would indeed expand beyond the United Kingdom. Its role would be to help support and grow the number of Growbabys across the world as well as seeking to influence policy making to support families.

Logo Variations

There are two variations of our primary logo: vertical and horizontal. These are used interchangeably, depending on the context where they are being used and which orientation will fit best.

We have written the text in the logo as “growbaby”, however this is purely for visual effect and in all other contexts we would refer to our groups as Growbaby (singular) and Growbabys (plural).

Primary logo (vertical)

- Infant in parent’s arms

- Growbaby below, with the location in smaller font centred underneath

Primary logo (horizontal)

- Infant in parent’s arms

- Growbaby to the right, with the location in smaller font centred underneath

Adapting the logo to your location

Follow the steps below to create a version of the Growbaby logo for your location. These steps should be repeated for both the Vertical and Horizontal versions of the logo:

  1. Download the Word document version of the Logo Usage guidelines using the button at the bottom of this list.

  2. Click on the text in the logo on Page 7 of the Word document, where it says “<location>”.

  3. Instead of “<location>”, type the location of your Growbaby, e.g. “Kingston”.

  4. If your group is called Growkids rather than Growbaby, click on the “growbaby” text and replace the baby with kids (make sure the text stays bold, as in the original logo).

  5. Click off to the side of the page, making sure that the text in the logo is no longer selected.

  6. Right-click on the graphic of the parent holding their infant, making sure that the graphic and both pieces of text below it are selected (a border should appear when you right-click, and all the elements of the logo should be inside the border).

  7. From the options that appear when you right-click, select “Save as picture” (it should be about halfway down the list of options).

  8. Change the name of the file to something that makes sense, e.g. “Growbaby Kingston Logo Vertical”.

  9. Choose the “Save as type” that you want. It should automatically be set to “Portable Network Graphics” or “PNG”. This is fine if you are using the logo on your website or in a document as it has a transparent background. For social media, you’ll want to change the “Save as type” to “JPEG File Interchange Format”, as this will add a white background behind the logo.

  10. Choose where you want to save the image on your computer (the default option is in your “Pictures” folder), and click the “Save” button.

  11. Congratulations, you have your logo! Repeat the process for the other version (Vertical or Horizontal), and we’d also recommend saving both “PNG” and “JPEG” versions of your logos.

Growbaby Logo Usage Guidelines
Download DOCX • 5.41MB

Usage guidelines

Please only use this primary version of the logo, and do not adjust the font, colour, or angle of the logo.

For full brand guidelines, visit


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